Here are woodworking projects you can download right to KerfMaker. Examples are for KerfMaker 1.2.0. They can be imported into earlier versions of KerfMaker if the lines that start with "mat=" are removed.

Just select and copy the text for a project, then go to KerfMaker on your iPhone and use "Import Project" in the main (left) menu. If you need additional assistance, check out the import/export tutorial on our "VIDEOS" page.

Remember that you can also use the Universal Clipboard to select the project on one device (such as your Mac) and then import it directly on your iPhone.



Credenza outline-01.png

Mid-Century Credenza by Libby Schrum

FineWoodworking, #261


Cabinet outline-01.png



Contemporary Medicine Cabinet by Megan Fitzpatrick

Popular Woodworking


Frame and Panel Cabinet by Timothy Rousseau

Fine Woodworking, #256




table outline-01.png

Side Table With Hidden Compartment by Matthew Dworman

Popular Woodworking


bed frame outline-01.png



Arts and Crafts Bed by Kevin Rodel

Fine Woodworking, #260


King Size Bed by Marc Spagnuolo



Lumber Centers

lumber center outline-01.png

Ultimate Lumber Center from Shop Notes

Shop Notes, Issue 138 Online Extra