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For as long as I can remember I have loved to find a problem that needs solution, design a creative solution for it, and implement the design. My primary career has been as an electrical engineer, working on semiconductor physics and software. While this work always involved implementing creative solutions, its products are intangible - a piece of software - and that has always driven me also to do woodworking, where the result is something you can touch and feel. I’ve been working with wood for over 28 years and like to do a variety of things, usually something I haven’t done before. My projects have included a canoe, a kayak, a bass drum, an electric guitar, a marimba, and various kinds of furniture. My learning so far has come entirely through books and videos, though I plan to take some classes in the future. Now I am combining my woodworking and software interests in developing apps for the iPhone and hope to solve some real-world problems for woodworkers.

Tom Linton